"With impeccable production, the hazy bed of electronics underpins her emphatic vocal, with lyrics that pit her innate need to independence against the requirements placed against her” Clash Magazine

“There are elements of Lorde about JEFFE’s vocals that pour forthlike the contents of an anxious mind” God Is In The TV Zine


JEFFE returns today with a striking new single 'Motionless' which is the rhythmic centrepiece for the
launch of The Australian Ballet 2020 season.

An upbeat, breezy song on the surface, pulsating with a delicate staccato instrumentation, 'Motionless' has a much deeper and darker meaning in its concept. "I'll see you at the bottom where the beauty
begins" JEFFE sings, almost with morbid anticipation for embracing her inner turmoil. 'Motionless' reflects
on the darker corners of the mind, the turbulence of emotions, the moments you think that maybe you’re too far gone “every time I said this is the end of the world”.  It’s about ensuring you embrace all that your emotional roller coaster has to offer “What’s the fun in living out a life that’s motionless”?

In a somewhat serendipitous pairing, JEFFE was asked to accompany the dancers of The Australian
Ballet to the outback of Australia to film their launch video. What results is an incredibly beautiful
juxtaposition of the dancers against a sundrenched landscape featuring JEFFE and the soundbed